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    The 'S.R.S.' is an independent and impartial organization, which is firmly resolved to protect and propagate Indian culture. The Sangh is engaged in the task of reinstalling the decadent values and traditions of Indian culture. Foremost on its agenda is to inculcate in the youth a feeling of love and respect for culture.

    The Sangh is determined to work shoulder to shoulder with all organizations and individuals, who cherish their culture and their nation, in pursuit of endeavours by which the citizens of the country may attain progress and prosperity by devotedly pursuing the path as shown by the shastras (scriptures), saints, great souls and Rishis.

    The 'S.R.S.' is a social ally to all the organizations, which are involved in the promotion and propagation of Sanatan culture. Not only this, it is also a supporter of all the countries engaged in the welfare of the world.

    The foundation of any nation is its culture. The Indian culture is capable of elevating humanity to the pinnacle of progress but the present generation of India has either become indifferent towards its culture or is unable to understand its significance and usefulness. This is the reason why India, revered around the world as 'Vishwa Guru' (the head of the world) is witnessing such state.

    The most important thing today is that all of us should unite for protecting our most precious possession, the Vedic culture and should reinstall the divine values of our culture and put them into practice. Otherwise the way evils like distress, agitation, anxiety, dejection, disappointment, suicides, robbery etc. are becoming rampant, we will rot even as a family or a person not to speak of as a society. 

    The 'Sanskruti Rakshak Sangh' is being set up with an objective of protecting, fostering, promoting and propagating the Sanatan Culture. The primary objective of the Sangh is to instill the values and traits of Sanatan culture in the life of each and every individual. The noble endeavours of this Sangh for cultural upliftment are singularly conducive to nation building.